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A full immersion into
the flavors of Tuscan tradition

In-season products

Our cuisine is conceived to fully respect the land and the Tuscan culinary tradition, with local, fresh and seasonal ingredients carefully selected to feature in the dishes from our menus.
Three ever-changing tasting menus for a unique dining experience :
Tasting 1
Tasting 2
Tasting 3
Tasting 4

Tuscan wine excellence

Designed to enhance the most distinctive features of Tuscany, our wine list is the result of continuous research on regional excellencies. In addition to prestigious and renowned labels, it also includes products from several small businesses that are fully committed to sustainability. Among the various products that are worthy of note are the organic labels of Il Borro, which enhance the local native vine varieties such as Sangiovese, as well as many other international varieties that best represent our terroir. Our sommeliers select labels that enhance the peculiarities of the local area and therefore are a great combination with every course.

Respect for the environment,
a top priority

Osteria del Borro is strongly committed to sustainability and therefore makes every effort to protect the environment, reduce waste and increase the well-being of both guests and staff. The kitchen is equipped with a cutting-edge ozone system – a safe and ecological way to sanitize the workspace – and plenty of modern equipment. Finally the team has also adopted several techniques that allow reduction of food waste and energy consumption. Even the products used for cleaning are eco-friendly and chemical-free.